NOVELTY ECL is passionate about experiential marketing that engages the senses connecting consumers to brands tangibly.
We are experienced in transforming marketing environments into sensory experiences through the vehicle of experiential marketing and events that leave a memorable impression. Our service offering include:

  • Social / Health Marketing
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Branding & Corporate Gifts
  • Website Design
  • Trade Sales & Merchandising

Social Marketing

interactions, small group session communication, focus group discussions and also mid mass communication i.e van interrupts, roadshow, drama activities, sports sponsorships, medical camps and special vents. Hence creating conversations and delivering long-term, powerful and measurable results in the campaigns.

In most cases it is behavior change communication. This enables the target audience to learn from the activities presented to them.

Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is all about the experience. Unlike promotions, which are price and benefit driven and aimed at instant sales, experiential campaigns and events are about building long-term loyalty by providing unforgettable, fun, feel-good experiences where consumers fall in love with your brand. And when someone’s in love, they like to share the news with the world! It’s why experiential marketing is also an ideal catalyst for social media and word of mouth exposure.

Experiential events

Experiential events are once-off events that take advantage of an ideal time and place to create an extraordinary and meaningful experience between your brand and the consumer. The experience has a lasting effect well beyond the event itself and by its very nature is share-worthy, extending the life of the event via social media.

Novelty ECL also uses digital applications (like mobiles and laptops) and new technology (like interactive screens, wearable technology, augmented reality and 3D printing) to add to the experienceand bring the event online.


A brand is a tangible asset of extra ordinary value because it defines a company's holdings in a realm of scarce resources. Successful brands signify relationships between companies and customers. We at Novelty ECL help your brand command attention and dialogue with the consumer in the market.

This is done through avenues that include:

  • Wall Branding
  • Vehicle Branding
  • Event venue branding
  • Tear drop banners, Roll up banners, Back drops, Flags etc
  • Corporate Branding (Tshirts, Caps, staff uniforms, Jackets)
  • Blimps & inflatables

Corporate Gifts

We offer a wide range of corporate gifts that are customized to your taste and need;

Some of these gifts include;

  • Note Books / Diaries, Writing Instruments
  • Folders, Bags
  • Water Bottles, Coaster, Mouse pads
  • Give aways (T-shirts, Caps, Aprons, Golf Shirts, stress balls)

Website Design & Develpment

We are a professional web design company, we offer strategic services including creative web design, proactive web maintenance, reliable web hosting and results-driven online presence. We create beautiful websites that work well and function as a dynamic sales, marketing and brand-building tool for our client’s business.

Our custom design and development gives your business the solutions and strategic edge, taking into account users' needs and expectations. We design and develop smart websites that support our clients’ strategic business objectives effectively. More importantly, our websites give end-users the optimal online experience in terms of search engine optimisation, intuitive navigation and responsive usability.